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A century of doing business and working closely with builders, homeowners, home designers, and architects has taught us a few things that some of the newcomers to the business may not have had time to figure out. We've learned that providing you with unequalled service, excellent technical assistance (we have experienced design professionals on staff to answer your questions and help guide you through the complex process of creating a new home), reasonably priced customization and modifications, and the best home designs in the world make our already great prices even more of a value to you.

Southern House Plans

Southern charm- it’s a simple phrase that defines the complex character of an entire culture. For the past four centuries, the fabric of America’s South has been woven together from its rich heritage and fascinating history. It’s been both blessed with prosperity and cursed with an inordinate amount of bloodshed and heartache. Forged from both [...]

Cottage Plan No. 57002

Cottage Curb Appeal The best of both worlds meet in House Plan 57002, which offers the beautiful curb appeal of a century-old southern cottage combined with a contemporary floor plan that is designed with the needs of a modern family in mind. Tall windows and a deep porch with Victorian trim recall old house charm, [...]

Summer Project Plans

Great Summertime Getaways in Your Own Back Yard: Discover New Destinations to Unwind — Without Hitting the Road  Now that summer is upon us, our natural inclination is to “hit the road” and make our getaways into the Great Outdoors. With higher-than-ever gas prices, however, many of our road trip plans have been detoured toward spending time nearer our [...]

Open & Airy Hillside House Plan

Open and airy inside and out, House Plan No. 65001 is for contemporary lifestyles and those that love an open-minded design. The steep pitched roof with the aura of an A-frame triggers vacation mode. Double porches with slender pillars interact beautifully with the great outdoors. Inside, a bounty of significantly-sized windows and sleek doors with [...]

Perfect Little Log House

The Little Rustic Ranch House would fit well on your small, wooded lot or on boundless acres of hunting property. Featured in the 1986 Garlinghouse Small Home Plans With Big Home Design Features publication, the plan was marketed at the time as claiming "certain modern touches"- namely, a half-bath in the master bedroom. By today's [...]

Retro Solar House Plan No. 19863

From the Garlinghouse Small Home Plans With Big Home Design Features catalog of 1986, plan #19863 is "a cozy solar house that took top prize in a nationwide design contest. Inside is a floor plan that is flexible enough to satisfy a wide variety of families and lifestyles. The dominant feature of this passive solar [...]

Add tasty edible plants to your landscape

(ARA) - Window boxes overflowing with blooms, decorative pots lining the driveway with striking colors, and even a flowering vine climbing up the mailbox - the growing season have arrived, and it is time to decorate the landscape. The latest gardening trend is growing your own produce, so incorporate edible plants as a beautiful compliment [...]

Five tips for creating a stadium-style lawn in your own backyard

(ARA) - With summer on the horizon, families will be heading to backyards across the country for picnics, sports games and to simply soak up the sun. A lush green lawn is the perfect setting for these activities and will be the envy of the neighborhood. How does one achieve that well-manicured, stadium-style lawn?  Many [...]

How today’s vinyl siding packs extreme toughness

(ARA) - Through tempestuous weather and extreme four-season cycles, today's vinyl siding is living up to both the style and durability demands of discerning builders, remodelers, architects, homeowners and multifamily developers. Manufacturing advancements allow the market's innovative producers to artistically recreate looks of genuine weathered cedar, reclaimed brick and deeply-faceted stone. One manufacturer, Foundry Siding [...]

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