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December 2020

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A Guide to 4-Bedroom House Plans

A four-bedroom home is an ideal space for your family and guests. Use our advanced floor plan search to discover a four-bedroom house plan for your family. You can choose from more than 9,000 four-bedroom home plans that can suit your preferences and needs, with flexible options for square footage, number of bathrooms and more. Common Features [...]

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A Guide to Playhouse Plans

Building a playhouse for your kids can work wonders for spurring their imagination and creativity. Playhouses are fun and exciting to play in, and they’re also great to look at because they complement the overall look of the home. To achieve your objectives in building this structure, you need to invest in the right playhouse [...]

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A Guide to Log Home Plans

If you're dreaming of building a log home but aren't sure what plan to bring to your builders, don't worry. There are plenty of log cabin designs to choose from, especially when you purchase a plan from us at Family Home Plans. Before you decide on a plan, it helps to explore your options and [...]

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A Guide to Contemporary House Plans

What makes a house contemporary? Many people associate the term "contemporary" with a modern or utilitarian style, but a truly contemporary home is neither of these. Besides an increased focus on the natural environment and encouraging indoor/outdoor living, contemporary houses share a unique set of desirable features that include the following — regardless of the home's [...]

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A Guide to Beach House Plans

When the salty air, ocean breeze and sun-kissed sand call your name, it's time to consider the beach house life. Beach house plans range from small seaside cottages to multi-story, luxury vacation homes. Every one of our coastal home plans delivers the premium features that make a house feel like a home, plus dozens of [...]

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A Guide to Simple House Plans

Home-ownership is a dream of many, old and young. Little children play house with dolls and friends. Young adults work to secure a job and live in a modest home. Even older generations yearn to retire where they would feel most comfortable, whether that be in a simple Floridian home or perched on the deck [...]

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A Guide to Cottage House Plans

The process of searching for home plans will present you with options spanning a wide range of styles and fashions. You don't have to choose the most modern or minimalist homes to fit in with the crowd, however. A traditional cottage house offers benefits you can't always get from other constructions. Choosing practical, efficient house [...]

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A Guide to House Plans With Basements

As you begin the process of planning to build your home, there are many features and factors to consider. Families often opt for a basement foundation as an easy way to increase the space inside their home. Besides extra space, basements provide a safe place to go during dangerous weather. The temperature in underground areas is also usually lower than the rest [...]

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Guide to Country House Plans

Country house plans offer a relaxing, rural lifestyle regardless of where you intend to construct your new home. You can construct your country home within the city and still enjoy the feel of a rural setting right in the middle of town. Moreover, the deep, spacious front porches and the cozy hearth rooms that come [...]

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A Guide to Garage Plans

Many homeowners spend just as much time in their garage as they do their house, especially if that garage doubles as a home office, gym, yoga studio, workshop or living space. The garage is also the place you may store some of your most valuable possessions, including cars, boats and RVs.  Many garages are attached [...]

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