Getaway House Plan 59040 has 800 square feet of living space. Plus, the covered porches add a total of 280 square feet of outdoor living space. This is a great guest house plan because the overall dimensions are 30′ wide by 36′ deep. The design and layout of this home brings back the memories of days gone by and of places we feel comfortable. Chatting by the warmth of the fireplace in the winter… enjoying the screened-in back porch in the summer…and spending time with your family year-round, make this a most inviting home. A charming home that will fulfill many families’ needs!

Getaway House Plan with 800 SQ FT

It’s time to get away. You’ve answered enough email. You’ve written enough reports. Your office chair is sagging from long hours staring at the computer screen. Now is the time to take a vacation. 2 Bedroom Getaway House Plan 59040 has everything you need for the perfect weekend away. Firstly, spend time outside. When you are seeking a simple place to wind down, while away the time in a rocking chair on the front porch, or grill out and dine with your family on the back screened porch. After all, it’s better to look at nature through the screened porch than through a computer screen!

Secondly, the interior is small and cozy. The kitchen has all of the necessities that you have at home. It’s small, compact, and easy to maintain. You have everything you need, but nothing that you don’t need. Consider the phrase: “Less is more.” Family members will perch on a barstool at the raised bar counter, and close quarters will promote more family togetherness. Thirdly, the living room has a fireplace. One member of the family will relax by the fire. Meanwhile, another will fish by the lake. Don’t overcomplicate your vacations—just embrace simplicity.

2 Bedroom Guest House

What if you’re not in the market for a vacation house plan? No worries. Getaway House Plan 59040 is just as easily built as a guest home plan instead. With two bedrooms, you can fit any number of temporary guests over for the holidays. Don’t believe me? You would be surprised how many bunk beds can fit into each room! Wait…you don’t like hosting huge family holiday extravaganzas? Don’t be limited by the “guest house” title. Again, this house plan is like a shape-shifter. Only, it doesn’t change shape…it’s just super-versatile. Keep reading…

Our final suggestion is: use this home for a mother-in-law cottage. That’s right. You will either like this idea, or you won’t. It depends on your relationships. However, those who love their in-laws will set them up with this perfectly-sized in-law cottage plan. It offers comfortable living space in a small package so that it will fit on your property close to the main house. It includes two bedrooms with good-sized closets, a full bathroom, and even washer and dryer closet. The older generation will have the benefit of being close to the younger generation, and they will also have privacy.

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