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Home Organization Tips for the New Year

(ARA) - "I just need to get organized." How many times have you heard yourself recite this familiar refrain? With the coming of the New Year, now is a good time to resolve to actually do it. This year, instead of just thinking about ways to get it together, use some simple tips for organizing [...]

Top 10 Home Decor Trends for 2009

(ARA) - More and more Americans today are looking at their homes as a place of refuge in a stressful world of challenges and economic instability. Instead of going out to dinner or social events, they're cocooning with their families. Now, more than ever, their homes need to be restful and soothing, yet stylish at [...]

How to Prepare for and Survive Power Outages

(ARA) - Mother Nature is full of surprises, especially during the winter months when freezing temperatures, ice, snow and high winds can knock out power to your home. Not only is a power outage inconvenient, it can threaten your safety. Your power can go out without notice, so make sure you're prepared the next time [...]

Beat the Winter Blahs with Home Decorating Projects

(ARA) - For many of us, the return of winter means six months of snow, sleet and colder temperatures that force us to take cover indoors. Being stuck inside month after month can leave anyone a little bored. That's what makes winter an ideal time to tackle easy, do-it-yourself indoor home improvements. Staying busy with [...]


Looking Good Never Looked So Good By Reggie VanNostrand For nearly as long as there have been faces, there have been mirrors--of one type or another. Our first ancestors saw their reflections in calm pools of water. Later, they hammered metal smooth enough to reflect their faces (the Bible even mentions mirrors of brass). The [...]


People should pay attention to the lights that surround their bathroom mirror "because it affects their own appearance... . Mirror lighting needs to be bright but not glaring, accurate yet flattering," say the people at Elflist.com (which stands for Efficient Light Fixtures, a non-profit lighting education group in Seattle that’s sponsored by local electric utilities). [...]


Years ago, choosing a bathroom sink meant choosing between cast iron or vitreous china. But take a look at today’s bathroom sinks. They come in fired clay, brass, copper, stainless steel, marble, granite, soapstone, glass, nickel, solid-surface materials like Corian, and composite materials made of ground stone and polymer. These sinks also come in interesting [...]

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