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Beautiful and Cost-Effective doors for your new home construction. You and your family aren’t the only things that go in and out of your front door. Every time you open it or close it, valuable energy goes out as well. Even when the door is shut, heat can still enter a cooled house in summer [...]

High Performance Windows

High-performance windows bring comfort and save money. As you plan to build a new home, or upgrade your existing homes windows, shop smart when it comes to your window selection. Once you pick out your house plans take your window schedule to your local building supply warehouse to find the best window within your budget. [...]


The best time to plan a bathroom is before you build it. That sounds obvious, but many people take it for granted that the bathrooms in their new homes will suit their needs. Problems with poorly designed bathrooms typically include lack of storage, poor lighting, and a poor floor plan that results in cramped placement [...]

Add Warmth to Your Home with Hardwood Floors over Radiant Heat

Hardwood floors add beauty, warmth and lasting value to any home. Combine that beauty and durability with the comfort, decorating freedom and the lower cost benefits of radiant heat, and you have a great combination. Add the overall environmental benefits and it is win-win all around. The concept of radiant heating is not new. As [...]

Retro Style Home Plans

Search our Retro House Plans collection Visit any suburban neighborhood that was built in the 1950's or 1960's and the homes you pass by will reflect an optimism and energy of days gone by.  Throughout that post-war era, the American Dream of owning a home was bolstered by the prosperity of our thriving industries and our self [...]

Saltbox Homes

Search our Saltbox House Plans collection As a variation on the Colonial home, the Saltbox style came about as colonists added more living space to their homes.  Simply stated, the Saltbox home is a typical Colonial home with the roof extended down the back side of the home, covering a one-story addition at the rear.  As a [...]

Ranch House Plans

Search our Ranch Home Plans collection Many, who hear the words "one-story home," instinctively think of the "Ranch" home.  A Ranch home is a particular style of one-story home that is simpler in appearance and layout.   Sometimes referred to a "Rambler," the Ranch style home became extremely popular following WWII due to its uncomplicated, cost-effective design. Evolution [...]

Narrow Lot Home Plans

Search our Narrow Lot House Plans collection As homebuilding sites have gotten smaller, Narrow Lot homes have become the design of choice for many.  Sometimes referred to as Zero-Lot Line homes, shotgun house plans, or Patio Homes, Narrow Lot homes are commonly found in new high-density subdivisions, as well as in older communities' in-fill sites.  The majority [...]

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