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October 2008

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Monthly Archives: October 2008



Light Up Your Kitchen Kitchens today are more than places to prepare meals. The room now ranks as the heart of the home plan and center of family activity. “The kitchen has become the hub of the house,” says Barry Levett, owner and president of House of Lights in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. “Families today truly [...]

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Traditional Homes

Search our Traditional House Plans collection This category is by far the most difficult to define, yet it is the most commonly constructed architectural "style" in America - and it has been for many years.  Traditional homes are not necessarily "historic" homes and they are certainly not contemporary in style.  They are practical, "day-to-day living" designs and [...]

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Hard-Working and Durable, the Sink Can Also Be A Thing of Practical Beauty By Harriet Reasoner When I was growing up, the kitchen sink in my home was dark brown enameled steel. It chipped easily and, because it was thin, it was noisy. Not a great sink, but it probably fit my parents’ budget. In [...]

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Tudor Style Homes

Search our Tudor Style Homes collection Tudor style homes exude a captivating combination of medieval character, warmth and charm.  Characterized by steep sloping roofs, stucco-clad gables, half-timber detailing, multi-paned windows and brick siding, this English-born style became popular in America in the 1890's and continued to flourish until about 1940.   Many of the original Tudor neighborhoods have [...]

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Vacation Style Home Plans

Search our Vacation House Plans collection The term "Vacation Home" encompasses a number of styles of architecture, including A-Frames, Cabins, Cottages and more.   Perhaps the most common attribute of the Vacation Home is its provision of great views and comfortable outdoor living spaces.  Large, plentiful windows often face the most scenic views.   Sprawling decks, covered porches, screened [...]

By |October 22nd, 2008|Home Styles|0 Comments

Custom Stairways Add Distinctive Style to Home Interiors

As one of the most prominent interior architectural features, custom staircases are an increasingly popular way for homeowners to make a captivating first impression. Interior stairways help define a home's look and serve as more than just a connecting point between two levels. Today's stairway offerings include a wide selection of styles and accessories, allowing [...]

By |October 21st, 2008|Home Decor, Home Styles, House Design, Stairs|0 Comments

Southern Style Home Plans

Search our Southern Style House Plans collection The Southern style home spans a broad spectrum of historic architectural styles and consequently, there is not one particular "look" that defines this category.  Southern homes can range from simpler "Low Country" designs with shed-roofed porches, to grand Plantation style structures with elaborate columns, sweeping staircases and decorative friezes.  No [...]

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Victorian Style Homes

Search our Victorian Home Plans collection Victorian homes are commonly thought of as an architectural style, but in actuality, they reflect of a period of history from 1840 to 1904, when Queen Victoria ruled Britain.  During that time, which coincided with the Industrial Age, a wide variety of ornately fashioned homes became immensely popular and provided new [...]

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Awide variety of outdoor fireplace designs are currently available, from traditional hearths, to chimineas, to freestanding portable hearths, to low circular fire pits, some of them wood-burning and some gas-fired. Some, such as those from Majestic Fireplaces, can burn either wood or gas and are constructed when you build your new house. Some come with [...]

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Wood is good. There’s nothing like the smell, feel, and warmth of real burning wood. And tending a wood fire is an appealing challenge to many; it can even be an art. Although burning wood can contribute to air pollution, there are good reasons to utilize wood as a fuel source. Wood itself is a [...]

By |October 8th, 2008|Fireplaces|0 Comments